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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello, Sunshine

It's already been almost a month since high school ended (ahh!!) but between working full time and starting college a few days after graduating (I'm getting some of my basics out of the way before starting school this fall) I finally found time to put together some snapshots of what I've been up to lately.

Snapshot 1: some of my artwork this year, 
With lots of determination, I finished this one in two days!                      ...and this Van Gogh took a bit longer. ;)

 Snapshot 2: making it through graduation,

We couldn't be very original given the strictly white guidelines (and the fact that your robe covers everything), but I'll still give you the anatomy of my ensemble:

I took some plain white heels I already had and added a few rhinestones (which I actually torn off another pair of old shoes). Heres the super simple DIY tutorial I used.

I was so lucky to have my grandpa hand me my diploma. :)

Snapshot 3: SUMMER! Which "started" today, so more to come...

While your here, why not check out two groups I've fallen in love with this summer, Purity Ring and CHVRCHES:

Thank you to whoever is reading this, I hope you continue to keep up as I start my college journey...
xo, Marie

Monday, April 14, 2014

Prom Perfect: The Last Dance

It's hard to believe it was just last Saturday that I got to experience a childhood dream: my senior prom! 
Below is the final reveal of my prom look (and the secrets behind it):

Prom secret #1: I designed my prom dress!
(Copy of my original design sketches, preliminary ideas)

After struggling to find a dress I liked (and also fit me) I sat down and sketched out my dream dress. 

I am by no means a seamstress, and contrary to popular belief I am not going into design, but we found an thoroughly talented friend to turn my design from paper to perfect. I got to pick out the fabric and everything!

Prom secret #2: I rented this stunning Tom Binns necklace.
(this was my first time using RTR, never looking back, need I say more?)

Prom secret #3: My matching bracelet was an heirloom! 

I had been dying to wear this bracelet since I was little, and promised myself one day I would wear it to prom. I discovered it the night before, only to find the clasp was broken; luckily we took it by a jeweler on the morning of prom who showed us an alternate way to wear it (there's clear twine holding it together, you couldn't even tell!)

Prom secret #4: My date had a wooden bow tie
(we were voted class fashionistas, perfect date? Yes!)

How was YOUR prom? 
xo Marie

Check it out on :)

A special thanks goes to Michelle Roberts for taking my sketches and design and turning it into something tangible, and to Heather Parker for taking these fabulous photographs. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cloud nine and 7th Avenue

I have some of the best. news. EVER to share! (if you follow me on any social media, you already know, but...) I received my acceptance into the Fashion Institute of Technology last Thursday! 

This dream was one of the main sources of inspiration for starting this blog, and I'm more than thrilled that it has become a reality! 

Yes, my real first name is Sandra

Fun Facts about FIT:
  • Alumni include Nina Garcia, Calvin Klein, Ralph Rucci, Brian Atwood, etc. 
  • Michael Kors attended back in the 70's
  • 43% acceptance rate
  • It's the best school in the country for Fashion Merchandising (my major!)
  • The school is located on 27th and 7th, Fashion Ave!

@rogerthat27 got me these gorgeous truffles!
(Sorry for the crappy phone-photos!)

Prepare for lots more updates as another fun and fashionable chapter starts. ;)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Final NY Fashion Snows!

Down South we braved a much milder storm than the one blowing in The City right now, but hey let's put our differences aside, we have both been enjoying (or not) some big white flakes! 

@anna_dello_russo via instagram

Alice + Olivia
Anna Sui
Betsy Johnson
Michael Kors 
Zac Posen
I hope I experience this kind of snow at FIT, just look how beautiful it is:

Keep your fingers crossed, still waiting to hear back...
Enjoy the beautiful snow!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


After streaming a whirlwind of shows, NYFW is beginning to wind down...but this is only round one darling!
I put together some more of my favorite snapshots, comment and tell me which one's were your favorites :) 

Christian Siriano - Ladylike 50's drama, love. 
Kate Spade NY - I NEED the fur bag...
MBMJ- Marc Jacobs
Victoria Beckham - elegance. 
Helmut Lang

P.S. this ah-dorable picture +Rachel Zoe posted shows even the best in fashion may watch from their laptop screen:

Stay stylish!

Photos via

Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's just say "almost-monochrome"

Here is one of my #ootod's: AKA outfit of the other day...what I wore last Monday to keep off the rain, and with a little more bundling it will work for snow!

On those day's when you don't want to get out of bed, think almost-monochrome:

Longsleeve-Forever 21, Jacket-Kardashian Kollection, Black pants-Calvin Klein, Boots-Hunter, Bag-H&M, Jewelry-Vintage, Lipstick-Rimmel no. 10

Another fashion-week post to come :)
leave me a comment!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's fabulous, it's fashion, it's February.

It's time! ALL of you, probably, know what it's time for. A week of dazzling trends for the next Fall/Winter season.

I can't be there this year (jealous of all of you who are) but I'll try to keep my posts as interesting as possible. I can't contain my excitement! So here are some treats:

I adore Papyrus greeting cards, and the Bella Pilar designs are perfect for fashionistas. 

...and some of my personal picks of the day:
fur coats, fur accents, fur collars...BCBG Max Azria brought my heart much furry joy.   

Richard Chai
Creatures of Comfort
M Missoni, beautiful colors as always. 
We'll see what surprises this season has in store...
(And if you'd like to keep up with the shows, be sure to use Vogue and