Jan 19, 2013

A Weekends Escapade//Blk&Wht

Happy weekend fashionistas! 

How are you spending it? I promise tomorrow I will be doing a shoot so you will see another one of my personal outfits ASAP. Until then, I thought I'd give you some 'get un-bored' ideas that make you feel more accomplished, even if you're spending your night in doors (its still cold out). One of the best moments in life is when I'm inspired to sketch a design:

What do you twigs think? I am utterly obsessed with fur, so I really wanted to sketch a classic fur coat that I would wear myself. The skirt just came to me, and its more of a fashion statement but I really love how it turned out. Let inspiration just pop up and hit you in the face, never try to hard to go looking for it! 

I also enjoyed spending time doing some black and whites, all of these are my own photography; get really creative with some pictures! This is a different view of my closet:

I also love to relax and spend my time reading, but magazines are what I call 'entertainment' reading, they're just like dessert to me! Its worth it to get subscriptions to Teen Vogue and Seventeen, instead of going out to buy them every month:

These are just some easy ideas to get you started getting creative and find inspiration! Oh and before I forget, I got my first job at a consignment shop! So now I get to be surrounded by clothes all the time, a dream come true! *happy dance*

And dear twigs, if you're young and really interested in the fashion world but don't know where to start, or you live in a smaller town like me where there aren't as many opportunities, get a retail job. I promise you will learn so much about clothes, you can put it on college applications, plus you can make great connections!

Just another step to saving for the big city...


Jan 12, 2013

Miss America 2013//The Beauty

Ms. America Re-cap

And this is what I wore to show my NY support (Mallory Hagan was the winner of course, repping my future home):

"So proud of #MissNewYork , wearing this necklace in honor :) and she's even from Alabama! #MissAmerica #missamerica2013 #newyork #futurehome #necklace #beautiful #lasvegas #pageant #beauty #blondepower "

I instagramed this photo of my necklace after Mallorys win, I hope she carries the crown well!  She even went to FIT where I hope to go one day! Here were some of my favorites from yesterday:

Her dress looked fabulous on her, though it wasn't my favorite. But her answer on gun control was a big highlight to me, I love that she believes we can't fight violence with violence, I agreed with her completely. 

These were definitely some gorgeous girls! Miss NY, Miss South Carolina, Miss Maryland, Miss D.C.

 I loved Miss Illinois dress! Its to die for, totally a fave.

Miss Tennessee's singing though? I was embarrassed FOR her. It was tough..

Are you proud of our new Miss America?


Jan 7, 2013

Beauty Post//Loose & Lovely Hair

An easy hair idea?

(and fast, that's right.)

Girls, we all want to try something different and cute with our hair, and something not time consuming, but what to do? Or we get out of the shower and don't have time to blow dry, but we want to style something sweet..and fast. I came across this unique little do' through my own experimentation. My hair was wet and I took it from both sides behind my ears loosely and made a loose bun,  while leaving out a little of my longer hair at the bottom. Since this hair wasn't layered, I just made a quick fishtail and curled the front pieces that had fallen out. You get something interesting from the front and back!

You can take this even farther by putting a bunch of little flowers in your braid, or some bows or other decorations in your bun! 

In today's craze over the fishtail braid, and braids in general, I figure just about every girl knows how to do one, 'cause they're easy! And if you don't, no worries..Its easy! Here's a video from The Beauty Department so you can learn how: The Fishtail Braid

Jan 4, 2013

Editor in Chief//Movie to Remember

Every time I find a wonderful fashion movie on Netflix, my heart bubbles with joy. No, really! And I may be behind because this came out in 2009, but I still found the entire movie (or should I say documentary?) very moving. Ever seen 'The September Issue'?

Its not outdated yet! In fact, darling Anna Wintour hasn't changed a bit. Oh how I wish I could meet this woman, who I admire even if she seems condescending, because after watching this movie you can really understand and look past this austere air. 
Here's a picture of her at WSJ. Magazines Awards 2012:

I remember first buying Vogue when I was younger, maybe 13, and always reading the editors note signed "Anna Wintour" and looking at the pictures thinking to myself she looked "strange". But as I immersed myself more and more into fashion and documentaries and books, nothing seems quite strange to me. Her hair cut and half smile grew on me all during 'The September Issue', and I realized how sweet she really looks! 

One of my other favorite faces from this documentary was Grace Coddington, who you get to know better than Anna in this film, and she was indeed my favorite. She had a charming and mystical vibe about her, shes just plain red headed fun. 
Grace Coddington

I also love seeing some Hamish Bowles and Andre Leon Tally, the whole Vogue office may seem quirky, heck the whole fashion world may seem quirky! But there have to be quirky people for life to be interesting, I mean drama and vibrancy and (to be cliche) glamour are the other half of the equation. Agree? Comment!

And just as an extra treat for looking at this post, here are some splendid pictures from the September Vogue 2007 issue:


I think what I often see it that people are frightened about fashion. Because it scares them or make them feel insecure they just put it down. On the whole people that may say, the many things about our world, I think that’s usually because they feel, in some ways, excluded or, you know, not a part of ‘the cool group’ so as a result they just mock it.

~Anna Wintour

Now, go watch it instantly!

Jan 3, 2013

Outfit post! -'Look like you stepped from a magazine'

Magazines are so full of inspiration, you can almost drown in all the beautiful pictures and clothes they showcase. I'm definitely one for originality and not always following trends, but there's also nothing wrong with looking like a hot cover shot, now is there?

This outfit was first inspired by Ashley Greenes outfit on Seventeen in November, I'm obsessed with black and red, so I thought I would do my own take after seeing this cover.

At the same time I was also swooning over Taylor Swifts spread in Glamour (I'm often told I look like her) so the below photo was my take on one of my favorites from the spread: 

Once again, see my inspiration? I love red! And Taylor is all about red, plus I love sequins and this cropped black sequin top with peekaboo shoulders (Forever 21) is sparkly and subtly sexy, and was only $17. 

-I cropped a close up of this just so I could show you my vintage jewelry, all family heirlooms.-

The A-Line skirt is one of my favorite parts of this outfit, it always photographs with such flow and ease. The lace up booties battle for favorite because they are my go-to shoes. They were also the most expensive part of this outfit, but still only $35 at Forever21.com, where I first found I had to have them.

Here are some extras from my shoot:

Thank you millions to my absolutely amazing photographer friend, and I cant wait to keep working with her, please like her page on Facebook to see even more pictures!



Jan 2, 2013

Terry Richardson//Photography diary

On This Twigs Instagram Today: 

"@Terry_World I check Terry's diary everyday, and I have to say this is still one of my forever favorite photos! #terryrichardson #art #photographer #photoblog #terrysdiary #illusion #newyorkcity"

I first learned about Terry through Mary Kate & Ashleys book 'Influence' which I recommend to EVERYONE! If you love art, fashion, photography, anything, this book is great. I just had to learn more, so I found Terry's Diary on tumblr, and now I look to see who's been in his studio everyday. 

Bring on the New Year//Style for 2013

Everyone enjoying January? I know New Years is one of my favorite moments! It's full of dresses and glitter and bubbly drinks with friends. This is a late post of my New Years outfit:  

I decided to not go with classic sequins and instead picked a nice tiny deep plum colored bodycon dress with a rich fur vest from Forever 21 and a turquoise necklace to pull it together.
 I did get my fill of glitter with sparkly eye liner and shadow though!

I really love the gold accents to this necklace, also from Forever 21, and it helped bring out the browns in the  faux fur. 

This year some of the things I hope to do are grow my blog, visit New York, and eat healthier. What are your New Years resolutions?