Jun 21, 2014

Hello, Sunshine

It's already been almost a month since high school ended (ahh!!) but between working full time and starting college a few days after graduating (I'm getting some of my basics out of the way before starting school this fall) I finally found time to put together some snapshots of what I've been up to lately.

Snapshot 1: some of my artwork this year, 
With lots of determination, I finished this one in two days!                      ...and this Van Gogh took a bit longer. ;)

 Snapshot 2: making it through graduation,

We couldn't be very original given the strictly white guidelines (and the fact that your robe covers everything), but I'll still give you the anatomy of my ensemble:

I took some plain white heels I already had and added a few rhinestones (which I actually torn off another pair of old shoes). Heres the super simple DIY tutorial I used.

I was so lucky to have my grandpa hand me my diploma. :)

Snapshot 3: SUMMER! Which "started" today, so more to come...

While your here, why not check out two groups I've fallen in love with this summer, Purity Ring and CHVRCHES:

Thank you to whoever is reading this, I hope you continue to keep up as I start my college journey...
xo, Marie