May 31, 2015

Skylines and Summertime

Somehow I always fall behind, and now have to catch up on my second semester in just one post! It was a busy, fun and exhausting one and I'm happy (relieved?) to announce its officially summer break. Here are some highlights of my second semester in the city that never sleeps:

Attended my first official NY fashion week show! So amazing, officially checked off the bucket list:

Naomi Campell: Fashion for Relief

This was one COLD and SNOWY winter, by the way:

Cooper Hewitt Museum

Museum of Art & Design 

Museum of the City of NY
 Finally went to the Guggenheim (on 'pay what you wish' Saturday, of course):

 Also, finally visited the Statue of Liberty with my Baker's Scholar group! Fun day visiting NY's islands:

 Treated myself to a play before finals week, and I was blown away! GO see this if you have the chance:

....and just like that, I waved so long to Manhattan and freshman year, not sure where the time goes? Be sure to check back soon and i'll update you on some summer fun!

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