Sep 30, 2013

New York, NY- Passion for Fashion Workshop

On the corner of 7th and 27th stands my long-time dream school! And after spending a week in New York, I still can't express everything this school and this trip meant to me. But I was able together just a few highlights of this packed week:

Field trip to Mood Fabrics? I know you watch Project Runway, and I know place this pretty freaking awesome.

Working hard, planning one of our daily projects!

With Professor Nancy! Love being taught by industry professionals..
Endless Fabric, Endless Buttons!!  

I also loved visiting other schools, like Parsons!

Lovely skyline view from the roof of MoMA PS 1 in Queens.

Seeing the infinitely famous 'Starry Night' - a dream come true. @ MoMA
Just a fraction of the stunning artwork I saw. In love with this culture..
@ 5 Pointz in Queens (Maybe you recognize the building from Now You See Me?)
@ MoMA

And some fashion for you! Some mood boards pre-photoshoots and projects.
So now, a few months later, I've applied to FMM at FIT and hope and pray everyday I'll be excepted. With less than half of the applicants being accepted, I'm scared to death!

But I made truly lasting friendships during my time in the city, and here are a few girls I REALLY hope I'll be going to school with and seeing again soon :)

Lots of Love, a New York gal at heart