Jan 26, 2015

Year of the Snake

Happy New Year! After one of the best (and relaxing) Christmas breaks I've ever had, I had to make the tough part again from family to head back to school. I can't wait to update the blog with new fashion and city adventures, the first of which will be facing a full on blizzard! My first classes have been canceled as I watch the steady snow out the window, I will be sure to take lots of pictures.

For now, I'll try to catch up by sharing the special project I mentioned over a month ago (if you follow me @myblondeelife on Instagram, then you've already seen it, but I've added some behind the scenes to keep it interesting!) 

I babble on, here's the 'Taylor Swift Project' I worked on during the break, where I reconfigured photographs to look old-school in light of Taylor's inspiring 1989 polaroid-themed album:

1. Welcome to New York 
I stood on the steps of Times Square to take a two minute video, sped up and edited down to 15 seconds

2. Blank Space
I'm wearing my prom dress (with a jacket, it was chilly) in this photo!

3. Style
This mannequin was part of the Bergdorf Goodman holiday window display whose 2014 theme was: 'Inspired'

4. Out of the Woods
Part of this double-exposure photo was taken from a moving train to Beacon, NY

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay
Taken in Times Square the same day at my Welcome to NY video. 

6. Shake It Off
I was previously planning to use a confetti throwing picture before stumbling upon this.

7. I Wish You Would
This suitcase is full of old love letters and poems!

8. Bad Blood
My sister and I hung a black bed sheet across the closet to create this background.

9. Wildest Dreams
This sunset was taken from the car on a road trip to Kentucky.

10. How You Get The Girl
This lovely carousel was part of Bryant Park's winter village.

11. This Love
This photo came from a shoot last summer, I had never got around to editing it!

12. I Know Places
This photo was taken in pouring rain, checkout the wet streets in the background.

13. Clean
I left out my real first initial in this adaptation of Taylor's famous album cover.

Bonus: You Are In Love
The reflection in this photo is the side of a piano, and the old school white strip to the left is actually a door.

Of course, I didn't get to finish all I hoped to over the break (time is always getting away from me), but I'm hoping to get back into modeling personal outfits again and revisiting the fun that started this blog in the first place!

xo, Marie

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