Apr 14, 2014

Prom Perfect: The Last Dance

It's hard to believe it was just last Saturday that I got to experience a childhood dream: my senior prom! 
Below is the final reveal of my prom look (and the secrets behind it):

Prom secret #1: I designed my prom dress!
(Copy of my original design sketches, preliminary ideas)

After struggling to find a dress I liked (and also fit me) I sat down and sketched out my dream dress. 

I am by no means a seamstress, and contrary to popular belief I am not going into design, but we found an thoroughly talented friend to turn my design from paper to perfect. I got to pick out the fabric and everything!

Prom secret #2: I rented this stunning Tom Binns necklace.
(this was my first time using RTR, never looking back, need I say more?)

Prom secret #3: My matching bracelet was an heirloom! 

I had been dying to wear this bracelet since I was little, and promised myself one day I would wear it to prom. I discovered it the night before, only to find the clasp was broken; luckily we took it by a jeweler on the morning of prom who showed us an alternate way to wear it (there's clear twine holding it together, you couldn't even tell!)

Prom secret #4: My date had a wooden bow tie
(we were voted class fashionistas, perfect date? Yes!)

How was YOUR prom? 
xo Marie

Check it out on lookbook.nu :)

A special thanks goes to Michelle Roberts for taking my sketches and design and turning it into something tangible, and to Heather Parker for taking these fabulous photographs.