Feb 17, 2013

Educated Fashion//No Library Left Behind

Fashion Hungry?

Happens to me all the time! If you're anything like me (a twig) then you starve for style fulfillment and also for the resources to fill you! Well, if you are in fact starving, I know a little free fix. We often forget that libraries still exist, I mean all we need are our iPhones right? But they are, in fact, gold mines brimming with books overflowing with style advice, inspiring pictures, and everything to satisfy your fashion hunger.

Here's what I got on my last rainy-day visit (and I recommend each one):
  • Coco Chanel by Dennis Abrams - the most easy to read biography of this icon
  • The Teen Vogue Handbook, which gives helpful advice on the many fields the fashion industry offers (a must have for students)
  • I'm sure you've heard of The Style Strategy and The One Hundred both by one of your Project Runway faves Nina Garcia
  • The Complete Book of Oscar Fashion (75 Years on the Red Carpet), I was so happy to find this, great preparation for the Oscars February 24, anticipation!
  • Americas Next Top Model: Fierce Guide to Life Even though this one is a couple years old (2008) it had tons of great advice, plenty of suprises!
  • The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion this amazing book has every word you could ever hear relating fashion

I love fashion and art books, there's something very magical about them. I'm a visual person, so books full of illustrations, photography, and with creativity swirling on every page are (to me) plain delightful. But these factors also make many of them expeeeeensive. When I first looked into 'The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion', I found it retailed for almost $50. But I'm now enjoying it, for free, from my lovely library :)

I hugely suggest only buying books you really cherish and will pass down, and that may not be available at your library but you still just have to have them. They are a good investment, and you can find some for a lot cheaper on amazon. Some faves on my shelf are: Influence by my favorites Mary-Kate and Ashley and Style A to Zoe by the legendary Rachel Zoe. I also have a beautiful Gianni Versace book, Lauren Conrad's Style book, and a few other amazing fashion books I've picked up along the way. 

When you can't learn everything hands on, books are so wonderful for learning more about fashion, fashion history, definitions, designers, simple style advice, organization advice, basic wardrobe advice, and skin and health advice. Branch out and read everyday for a well rounded view on fashion and a new spot in your brain full of ideas. I also enjoy the New York Times on my iPhone every morning!

Even if you aren't a big reader, if you are really passionate about clothes and fashion than you will enjoy these books, if not the provoking photographs, and hopefully they will spark inspiration!
Happy reading :) 

p.s. I finally received a new computer in the mail, so I'll be back to blogging regularly! Sorry for the delay, many outfits and pictures are coming soon twigs!