Jan 2, 2013

Bring on the New Year//Style for 2013

Everyone enjoying January? I know New Years is one of my favorite moments! It's full of dresses and glitter and bubbly drinks with friends. This is a late post of my New Years outfit:  

I decided to not go with classic sequins and instead picked a nice tiny deep plum colored bodycon dress with a rich fur vest from Forever 21 and a turquoise necklace to pull it together.
 I did get my fill of glitter with sparkly eye liner and shadow though!

I really love the gold accents to this necklace, also from Forever 21, and it helped bring out the browns in the  faux fur. 

This year some of the things I hope to do are grow my blog, visit New York, and eat healthier. What are your New Years resolutions?


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