Jan 19, 2013

A Weekends Escapade//Blk&Wht

Happy weekend fashionistas! 

How are you spending it? I promise tomorrow I will be doing a shoot so you will see another one of my personal outfits ASAP. Until then, I thought I'd give you some 'get un-bored' ideas that make you feel more accomplished, even if you're spending your night in doors (its still cold out). One of the best moments in life is when I'm inspired to sketch a design:

What do you twigs think? I am utterly obsessed with fur, so I really wanted to sketch a classic fur coat that I would wear myself. The skirt just came to me, and its more of a fashion statement but I really love how it turned out. Let inspiration just pop up and hit you in the face, never try to hard to go looking for it! 

I also enjoyed spending time doing some black and whites, all of these are my own photography; get really creative with some pictures! This is a different view of my closet:

I also love to relax and spend my time reading, but magazines are what I call 'entertainment' reading, they're just like dessert to me! Its worth it to get subscriptions to Teen Vogue and Seventeen, instead of going out to buy them every month:

These are just some easy ideas to get you started getting creative and find inspiration! Oh and before I forget, I got my first job at a consignment shop! So now I get to be surrounded by clothes all the time, a dream come true! *happy dance*

And dear twigs, if you're young and really interested in the fashion world but don't know where to start, or you live in a smaller town like me where there aren't as many opportunities, get a retail job. I promise you will learn so much about clothes, you can put it on college applications, plus you can make great connections!

Just another step to saving for the big city...



  1. Wow you're really talented! I was your blog and I love it, check mine out?

    1. opps it's actually

    2. Awh thank you thats so sweet! and thank you for following me, I will totally check out your blog :) xx